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The Benefits of Yoga and the Many Uses of Yoga Blocks

As an ancient old practice yoga has evolved and developed through the centuries and today it includes many different methods that have the purpose to deliver both physical and physiological benefits. The physical benefits that the relaxation yoga methods can provide include enhanced flexibility, weight loss, improved metabolism, better cardiovascular health, and improved lung function. This highly beneficial practice can also be used to lower blood pressure, manage chronic back pain and arthritis and reduce insomnia.


As for the effects that yoga can have on your mental health, reducing stress is one of its main advantages. Stress has a harmful effect on both your body and mind and has been linked to a number of serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, all of which are conditions that can worsen due to high levels of mental stress. This is where yoga can make a significant difference. It has the purpose to put both your body and mind at ease, all while allowing you to relax and unwind.


In fact, the ultimate goal of practising yoga is to reach a perfect balance between the unbreakable trio of body, mind and soul. To achieve this you need dedication and the support of a modern and practical equipment such as the cube yoga blocks. They are some of the most versatile pieces of yoga equipment since you can use them to perform a variety of poses and exercises. A practical cube yoga block can be particularly helpful to beginners who still lack the stability to do more demanding poses. This tool can actually make the entire practice a lot easier.


Yoga block can be made from various materials and the material is the one that determines the weight and thickness of the tool. Most models are made of foam which is an affordable and quality material. You can also find blocks made of wood and cork which are heavier than their foam counterparts. Due to their heavy and sturdy design, wooden and cork blocks are ideal for strength exercises.


Their ability to provide enhanced support while doing doing poses in a sitting position is the main advantage of yoga blocks. You can use them to rest hips and knees while doing different sitting and even standing poses. They can be particularly useful for standing poses that require enhanced balance. You can also use a yoga block to keep your legs correctly aligned while doing poses like the Wheel Pose or the Bridge one.

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