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Simple Design Tricks for a Cozy and Contemporary Interior


As you may have noticed, the contemporary movement is affecting every aspect of our daily lives – from our cars, technology, and fashion to the world of design in interiors and architecture. Some use the term contemporary or modern to describe a more relaxed break of traditional norms and new concepts of designs of the modern age while others use modern to refer to a time period of design style from the 1920's to 1950's. From opening up floor plans to bringing in light to dark spaces and bringing in clean-lined furnishings, here are some ways to bring the contemporary style into your interiors.

Allow Bright Light Into the Space

Throughout the years, there was a break from the traditional dark interiors with small windows. Light and airy rooms replaced the dark and small ones - these details you should definitely use in your home. Create a floor plan that let in natural light through glass windows, solar tubes, skylights and use translucent glass for areas that require privacy.

Opt for Clean-Lined Furniture


Contemporary furniture is easy to find due to the inherent simple and understated nature of the design. Contemporary tables, chairs, coffee table, side tables, etc, should be a solid neutral colour without any distinguishable print. For example, contemporary tables will have straight and clean lines to create a uniform look to the dining room. But contemporary furniture can also be fashionable and functional with significant amount of storage added to the piece.

Use Subtle Colours

Use neutral tones of white, black, gray and brown for flooring, furnishings, lighting fixtures and textiles. These colours will give you the chance to use your imagination to get creative with patterns and texture.

Take Advantage of Natural Materials


Who said that natural materials are reserved for just wood furniture? Feel free to make use of natural and organic materials in leather furniture and simple elements displayed throughout your home. Examples of natural and organic materials include wood, teak, rock, wood, slate, and other gorgeous textiles in modern furnishings.

Accent Focus Points Through Lighting

There are various types of lighting options that you can use to help you accent the space properly without compromising the style. Some great choices to achieve this goal design are recess lighting, cabinet lighting, pendant lighting and track lighting. Each of these will result in a different look for the area to be illuminated. Your needs for certain light fixtures will depend on the amount of natural light that you get in the room and the architecture of the room.

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