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Set a Firewall Between Your Company's Data and Those Who Want to Steal it

Almost every modern company keeps uses computers to store vital data and information that could make or break the company. The data stored on most office networks usually contains credit card details, the private information of the office workers and the primary data that the company uses for its daily routines. But what happens when someone wants to steal this data and either sell it to a rival company or distribute the information devaluing the company by a significant margin. This is why every company should establish a data protection protocol which will ensure that all of the employees are trained in protecting the data and that there are further measures set to protect the company network.


There are many different methods to protecting sensitive data within your company's computer network, one such method is doing frequent inventory checks on your data. Making sure that every bit of important data is stored in a secure system and also ensure that you know exactly who has access to said data, by doing this you're keeping your data from potential defectors in your company who would steal the sensitive data for one reason or another. This doesn't mean you shouldn't trust any of your employees with the data but you should be cautious.

Another way to protect your most valuable information is by outsourcing the protection to a specialized company. You can get a cyber risk insurance policy which will make all of your data insured, even if it is stolen the insurance company will help alleviate the effects and help in the uncovering of the perpetrator. And you'll need the help of such a company since the legislation for a breach in privacy or loss of credit card info will be heavy on your company's finances. The reputation of your company is also at stake if you lose the sensitive data of your customers so consulting with an ITS (information technology services) to create a better cyber risk insurance policy will help you avoid any potential breaches in security.

And if you really want to go the extra step you can have your data encrypted, this is a costly but effective method since even if the data is stolen the one that stole it will not be able to read it without decrypting the information. This can be done in several ways but the best way is to have the data stored on a remote computer with no internet access where it can be encrypted safely with no breaches. Lastly you can have the data stored on a portable device that has no connection to the internet, this only applies for certain companies but is an option non the less. With this method you are blocking any remote access to the device rendering it safe for storage and use with closed networks.

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