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Keep up with Trends: Illuminating Commercial Spaces


The lighting of commercial spaces is more serious task than it seems. It requires knowledge in a few fields, experience, and good taste as well. One of the fields in being familiar with the range of commercial lighting fixtures and how they affect the mood of the workers and customers. If you are planning to open a restaurant, or maybe you want to run your own company, you should plan the lighting at the earliest stages of designing the space. If you want to illuminate your commercial space successfully, you should keep in mind the area of the room, ceiling height and design, the furniture design, the overall ambiance and interior. Commercial lighting fixtures vary in visual appeal, aesthetic and technical characteristic. So, if you want to do the things right, make sure you follow these basic lighting tips.


Office lighting

Offices require great illumination. It is important to have the right amount of light so you and your employees would not have to strain your eyes when reading reports and handling other daily tasks. For office task, commercial LED lighting fixtures are the best choice. They are more energy efficient compared to regular light bulbs, offer great illumination and come with longer life span than any other lighting available. By choosing commercial LED lighting fixtures for your office you can have reliable lighting that is perfect for your company, but does not cost more than you can afford to pay.


Store lighting

Lighting your store is also important. The right lighting will drag the customers inside the store or will keep them at a distance. For a store you can choose a fluorescent lighting. Store owners usually choose to install them for their aesthetic appearance and optimum function. For better appearance, use track lighting and highlight some products like those that are on promotion for example. Another good way to highlight your merchandise is using spot lighting on the products in the display window. This has a great effect on attracting customer attention.


Restaurant lighting

When you need to choose lighting fixtures for your restaurant you need to consider the design and style of the space. Depending on the type of your restaurant, you can choose pendant lights over each table and thus make the space more romantic. If you like this idea, make sure the pendant lights are not too bright but still provide enough illumination for people to see their drinks and food clearly. For further illumination install accent lights on the wall. A restaurant with a buffet should install track lighting over the food display so people can see the food on hand.

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