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Different Types of Teeth Whitening Methods


Keeping your teeth healthy is important. Having a white and healthy smile is vital not just for your appearance, but for your health condition as well. Did you know that your teeth are a mirror of your overall health condition? At least, that is what researchers said. The daily consumption of different foods and drinks will certainly change the colour of your teeth with time. Despite the regular brushing and the usage of different whitening products, your teeth might still not become as white as you want. For experiencing great results why not make a dental appointment?

Teeth whitening has become very popular these days so it seems like everyone is doing it. Not only is effective but also has the power to instantly change your smile and boost your confidence. Once you make such decision, you need to consult with your dentist. If he decides that you are a candidate to have your teeth whitened, then you need to choose between few different teeth whitening methods.

Trays and gels – Your dentist may recommend you teeth whitening trays and gels as a treatment. They are effective but they require more time to provide you with the results. Depending on the percent of the peroxide included in them, these trays are usually worn a couple of hours on a daily basis or overnight. The wanted results may become visible after three days or a couple of weeks.

Strips – You can find these products in every drug store. They are inexpensive, easy to use and some of them may provide you with really great results. Depending on the strength of peroxide they need more time to bring the whiteness of your teeth.


Zoom whitening – Last but not least, zoom whitening technique is one of the most popular methods yet the most effective one. Many dental offices have the knowledge and equipment required to provide zoom teeth whitening treatment in their offices. The treatment is fast and convenient providing you with immediate results. Usually, there is a little more sensitivity after the treatment is done, but it fades away right after a couple of hours.

First, the dentist uses retractors to keep all of your teeth exposed. The next step is placing rubber coating to your gums that will keep them protected from the zoom whitening gel which is quite irritating for the soft tissue. During the treatment, the gel gently penetrates the teeth. Once the gel is applied, the zoom teeth whitening light is focused directly to your teeth. The time of the procedure vary from one dental office to another, so it might take from fifteen minutes to hour or so. The role of this light is to activate the gel and releases peroxide in the structure of the tooth. During this period of time, the dentist will help you to feel comfortable by watching TV or listening music.

The end result - dramatically white teeth. To make this result long lasting, some of the dental offices will provide you with a maintenance kit or you will be recommended to wear a tray at home in order to boost the whitening power of the zoom whitening session.

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