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Cleaning Essentials to Keep Your Home Spotless


Wondering a way to make your home spotless? The secret is to have the right cleaning equipment. From window cleaners to furniture polishes and natural cleaning supplies for bathrooms and kitchen, a few advice will come in handy as you select the right cleaning equipment to use. Here are the best equipment used for cleaning that will help you keep your home sparkling clean.


Cleaning the Kitchen

Because you prepare and eat food in the kitchen, you need effective cleaning supplies to ensure that it stays free from bacteria and germs. Antibacterial wipes is a convenient cleaning tool for wiping down counters and tables. Also, make sure to have quality sponges for scrubbing the kitchen sink. And last but not least the floor. Get a good mop and a disinfectant cleaning product for tile or linoleum floors and a specific cleaning product for wood or other types of floor.


Cleaning the Bathrooms

Toilets and bathtubs are home to a lot of germs. Thus, be sure to get the right cleaning equipment to keep these areas clean. To easily remove the grime from your toilet, get a disinfecting toilet bowl. A scratch-free abrasive cleaner will do the work in cleaning a thick soap scum or a stain in your bathtub and sink. With a window cleaning supply, wipe the mirrors and glassy surfaces, such as bathtub handles and sinks. Cleaning supplies with fresh scents are good to eliminate odours when mopping the floor.


Cleaning the Bedrooms

Once you've made the bed and take linens to the laundry room it will be time to dust the furniture. For that use a high-quality furniture polisher and a soft cloth. Simply wipe the furniture down, unfolding and refolding to keep the cleaning surface clear of dust.


Cleaning the Carpets

To keep the dust and dirt away from your carpets you need first to vacuum them regularly to remove any surface stains. Moreover, soak up spills immediately so that they aren't absorbed. For deep stains, there is some commercial equipment used for cleaning that you can use to clean them. Just make sure you read the instructions before using a large amount of the product on your carpets.


Cleaning Wood

To get your kitchen table looking like new again, get a cleaning product designed for use on wood. If you prefer you can create your own DIY cleaning product using equal parts of vinegar, water and oil. Use this natural cleaning product to gently clean bookshelves, beds, dressers, etc. If you choose to buy a cleaner, choose one that contains lemon juice. It will leave a clean, fresh scent in your wood. A microfiber mop or something similar will allow you to easily clean your hardwood floors.

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