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What Are the Two Basic Types of Reel Covers

As one of the most expensive pieces of fishing equipment that a fisherman can invest in, reels need to be protected both during transport and storage so one doesn't have to waste money on a new reel each fishing season. During winter when fishing is put on hold many fisherman tend to leave their gear in the boat and while the cold temperatures usually won't damage many of the fishing tools, fishing reels are not one of them. The cold weather can considerably damage the internal parts and lubricants of your reels. Therefore, it's essential to keep them properly stored inside and always remove them from the rod when not being used. Prior to storing the reels make sure you clean them thoroughly and oil their parts.


 After you've prepared your gear for storage, it's time to find the right storage solution. While before the only way to keep these expensive pieces of equipment protected during storage was to wrap them in a towel or an old shirt, these days however there is a more practical solution - fishing reel covers. These are specifically designed to keep your reels safe when stored in your tackle bag as well as prevent scratching and other damage during transport. These cover offer far better protection than any old towel or shirt and this is particularly obvious when transporting your gear. While the towel might do a good job at keeping your reel safely stored at home, nothing can protect all the reel's parts and lubricants from the dirt, sand and moisture on the boat better than a reel cover.



When choosing a cover for your reel it's important to get one that would provide a proper fit. These covers are available in a variety of sizes to match different types of reels. They're usually made from neoprene, which is a durable material designed to keep out moisture and dirt. Depending on their design and the level of protection they provide all fishing reel covers can be divided in two main categories.

Soft covers

Many fishing reels included some type of soft bag or cover, which is designed to provide a moderate amount of protection. While soft covers are great for keeping out dust and dirt, they're not the best solution for protecting your reels from moisture damage. So, for ultimate protection many fisherman opt for hard covers. Unlike a hard cover which can be more difficult to clean, soft covers are machine washable so you can easily keep them clean.

Hard covers

Designed to keep your reels safe from all kinds of damage, hard covers are the ideal storage solution. They're made up of various layers of foam that absorb impact and can provide optimum protection during transport. Their practical design allows you to easily organize all your reels and embark on your fishing adventures fully prepared.

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