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Snack on Proteins: Snacks to Keep Your Energy Up

Protein is essential for your body to develop, grow, and function properly. Because it is involved in just about every body function, consuming foods high in protein every day is highly important to help prevent protein deficiency, which can create a chaos on your body.

According to studies, eating a high-protein diet has many health benefits. In addition, to help you maintain and lose weight, it can also help balance your blood sugar levels, enhance your ability to concentrate, boost your energy levels and support your bones and muscles.


Many make the mistake of choosing diets that involve deprivation and calorie counting. A high-protein diet helps you feel completely satiated after eating and prevent you having to deal with high and low blood sugar levels, which lead to moodiness and cravings.

There is plenty of protein foods you can eat to keep your metabolism running, your blood sugar levels stable and your energy up. But if your life is been too busy to cook meals, proteins snacks offer a convenient, quick solution when you need to suppress hunger between meals or need an energy boost to hit the gym.  

Let's take a look at some of the best proteins snacks you can use.


Body Science Bsc Lo Carb Protein Balls

In addition to being delicious, this snack is also high in protein (more than 22g per pack) and low in carbohydrates (less than 3g).  It is the perfect protein snack for sportists, athletes of health conscious. One great thing about these protein balls is that they use Stevia as sweetener and are completely gluten free. They are very filling as well.

Max's Muscle Meal High Protein Cookie

This cookie is packed with high-quality protein – 24g per cookie! It also contains muscle-building nutrients including BCAA's and glutamine. It is a great high protein treat or a post-workout pleasure that can be enjoyed anytime.

Body Ripped Pancakes

What a better way to start the day than with delicious pancakes. Boby Ripped Pancakes contains a massive protein amount of 42g of protein per serve and is low G.I. Fat. Combining a high protein content with high-energy carbohydrates, this pancake can be a delicious way to increase protein in your diet. Consume this delicious pancakes plain or use fruit or yogurt to enhance its flavour.

BELL Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Mix this peanut butter powder with water to obtain a delicious peanut butter without the fat calories. A great healthy treat to enjoy with your protein pancakes. This peanut butter goes under a chemical-free process that removes 85%of the fat calories found in regular peanut butter. The final product is a delicious roasted peanut butter free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives.


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