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Small Space Gardening Ideas

You've always wanted to have a beautiful garden area where you can grow healthy fruits, veggies and other colourful plants, but you just don't have enough space. Well don't let that discourage you, because guess what, with a bit of dedication and smart planning your can easily create a small space garden that will be a nice extension to your home and will quickly beautify your outdoor space. Besides even if you have the space for a large garden area taking care of it is not just time-consuming but keeping all those plants thieving can be quite difficult as well. The beauty of creating a small space garden is that it won't take up much of your free time plus you can be more creative and put to great use every bit of space you have at your disposal.


Although you don't need any special skills to grow plants, you should do your research and get more familiar with the whole process before you start your gardening project. You should know that organization is key when creating your perfect small space garden, therefore before you choose your plants plan the layout of the space and decide what are the best areas for planting. In this case dividing your garden into various parts can be very useful, that way you can see what areas get the most sunshine which is of utmost importance when growing any kind of plants. Next it is time to decide what are you going to plant in your garden, while you might think that you choice is limited due to your limited space, in reality you can grow many kinds of fruits and veggies in small spaces including tomatoes, lemons, apricots, limes, etc. Besides there is nothing easier than growing colourful flowers in smaller areas, plus many herbs you use when cook different meals can be grown in your small garden. There are so many possibilities and creative options when gardening and here are just few ideas that can help you create the small space garden of your dreams.

Planters for Healthy Veggies and Fruits

Planters and pots are one of the best ways you can grow plants in smaller spaces. Self-watering pots are especially popular nowadays and their advanced and practical design is perfect for growing your fruits and veggies. You can create a wonderful arrangement of planters in your backyard or you can place these on the balcony as well. Besides planters can be used indoors as well for growing herbs and flowers.

Create a Lovely Green Wall

With a unique green wall you will not only save space but this is a great idea when your want to give your backyard or balcony more demission and make a charming and relaxing space for resting, reading a book, or enjoying in your morning coffee. You can use glass ornaments with different plants that you can arrange and hang on the wall, or you can use a special structure where you can grow your plants and attach it to the wall.

Make a Colourful Patio

A well-organised patio can be a great place where you can spend some quality time with your family and enjoy some fresh air, and what better way to decorate this area than with colourful pots. You can choose several pots in the same colour and match it with your patio furniture, you can also mix and match various colours like red, blue and green for example, and make the space more lively and cheerful.



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