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Pet Accessories: Ensure your Pet Can Travel Safe and Easy


Whether you and your little precious dog are travelling across town or you are planning to take him on a road-trip vacation, you need to be prepared. Hitting the road with your dog is the most exciting and joyful thing, but also it can become your nightmare. Last month, I had a similar trip with my baby Lucky. I planned everything, every single detail for the trip, I even imagined us drinking our morning coffees in the mountain cottage and after that running and goofing around. Well, this all became a reality, except one thing, driving in the car. I forgot his harness and belt, and I don't know what happened but after 10 minutes of driving he became so upset and stressed that I couldn't drive literally. Luckily I was still driving in the city, so a turned the car and went back home for my Lucky's driving essentials.

 Animals in a car can get pretty stressed, and they can easily sustain injuries unless you have the right accessories to protect them.


To help you not make the same mistake like me, and make your trip more joyful, safer and less stressful, I have prepared for you a list of the best pet driving accessories. When it comes to buying pet accessories Sydney has lots of specialized stores that will ease your search and wander. Just make sure you buy from reliable one that has a plethora of high-quality pet products and accessories to offer you.

Pet Harnesses

I have always imagined me driving with my dog with his head and shoulders out of the car window, his tongue lolling and ears flapping of joy. The perfect image, right?! But no matter how much you and your pet love this driving freedom and joy, this is not the safest way for him to travel. Generally speaking, pet harnesses fit animals that are 4.5 kilograms or larger and almost all of them consist of a padded chest plate that can slip over the pet's front legs and buckles to a standard seatbelt. The best thing is that your pet can sit comfortably in place during the whole car trip. However, you can invest also in an another type of harnesses that works also for dog walks and car trips.



Pet Barriers

In case your pet can't adapt to harness and he is clumsy and anxious (which is not my case), he may start to wander around your car, creating a distraction. Thus if he can't sit in one spot, you can give him more freedom to move (this is especially important when travelling on long distances) by investing in a pet barrier.

Pet barriers come in many varieties like wire gates, adjustable metal tubes, soft fabric mesh or even custom-made for your station wagon or SUV. Using a pet barrier will keep your pet from jumping into the front seat and distracting you.

Pet Emergency Travel Kit

Unexpected things can happen on trips like this, so just like taking the emergency kit for you, you will need to take or invest in a pet emergency kit as well. From nylon tote bags that come with a matchable collar and lead to the basic first aid supplies. Today's shops have a plethora of pet accessories and emergency kits that will aid your dog in any situation.

Think of this as a diaper bag for your baby and don't forget to take the essentials like a water dish, water, food, treats, pet waste bags, treats, antiseptic, tape, gauze, and the essential medications.


No matter whether you are going to short or long destinations, these essentials are a must. In case you still don't have them, do a thorough research for specialized pet accessories Sydney stores, and invest in the most quality ones.

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