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Only Chemical Free Skin Care Can Give You a Long Lasting Glow

It is well known that women are constantly in search of the best solution to give them clear, healthy and glowing skin. In order to that, they invest high in skin care products and procedures available on today's market that in many cases leave them with an empty wallet. What many of them don't know is that they don't have to spend a fortune on products and fillers to look their best.



What Chemicals Can Do for Your Skin

There is an infinite range of skin care products available on the market promising to convert your dull appearance into a beautiful and glowing look in just a few days. Little do you realise the harm you are doing to your skin, as most beauty products contain ingredients in them which are so dangerous and deadly that, aside from their short-term benefits, cause a disastrous effect on your skin later on.

Fairness and bleach creams have in their composition chemicals such as hydroquinone and mercury that instantly help to lighten the skin. However, they cause deadly long term effect as they lead sagging of the skin and wrinkles and could even result in cancer later on if used often. Similarly, other chemicals used in beauty products like Ethylene Oxide and mineral oil to make synthetic fragrances, can result in premature ageing, sagging skin and wrinkles.

Chemical Free Skin Care for a Real Glowing Skin

There is sure not a reason to punish your skin by using such dangerous chemicals when there is much natural, affordable and safe way to get a glowing skin. Do a fast research on the internet and you will find a wide range of chemical free skin care products that use essential oils as a base.


 Essential oils are highly known for their relaxing properties. But they also have amazing abilities to enhance the skin. Use tea tree oil to treat skin problems like acne blemishes or lavender oil to treat skin irritation or calendula oil to soothe psoriases. These oils have therapeutic-grade quality and are carefully extracted from the plants to maintain their beneficial components.

You can create you own range of chemical free skin care products personalised for you using essential oils, which will deliver amazing results for your skin type and condition. For example, you can create your own morning moisturizer using jojoba oil as your carrier oil (it is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves no residue) and them add to it few drops of other oils such as golden jojoba oil, lavender oil, geranium oil, ylang ylang oil, cypress oil, rosemary oil, etc. It is important that you understand that different oils work best for different types of skin, so it important that you learn which one is beneficial for your skin type and condition.


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