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Heidenhain: Increased Productivity Guaranteed

Innovation, superior quality and efficiency are features that distinguish Heidenhain as a leading German developer of high-tech solutions that meet the highest standards on the market. The company has a long and successful history and through the years it has build a renowned reputation. Heidenhain began its successful journey in 1889 when it was founded by Wilhelm Heidenhain. Initially a metal etching factory it was destroyed during World War II for it to be founded again by the son of Wilhelm Heidenhain. At the start the product range included graduations and price scales but it constantly expanded. The 1960s saw the development of linear and angle decodes which brought the atomisation of many systems and machines. This was a turning point and ever since the mid 1970s the company has been among the most important manufacturers of drive technology for different machine tools. Nowadays, Heidenhain distributors set the standards for superior quality and service in the manufacturing industry.



The company is continually working on developing new products and enhancing the efficiency of the current ones. Superior customer service is the key principle and the products are developed to meet the needs and requirements of customers. Heidenhain distributors offer the best products and applications that are well-known for their accuracy, speed and efficiency. The company's product range includes rotary encodes, linear encoders, machine tool controls, digital readouts, metrology devices and a lot more. Increased productivity and reduced costs are just some of the advantages that come with each of these products. They can be used in a wide range of industries where accuracy and reliable operation are required such as metalworking, general automation, medical, automotive, engineering, etc.


With more than 100 years of experience, Heidenhain are know world-wide for their reliable solutions that can be applied for different kinds of devices where high precision, reliability, efficient and safe system management is essential. Their TNC 320 is a high-quality machine that can be used for various drilling and milling machines, in the repair of technological components as well as for researcher and development. It comes with three servo axes and servo spindle, besides it includes an advanced interactive and offline system. Its compact and practical design incorporates a special TNC keyboard with soft keys and monitor with 15.1-inch colour display for easy and simple operation. Another great product from Heidenhain's comprehensive product collection are linear encoders which are suitable for many different machines including milling, grinding, boring, machines centres and pretty much any other mechanical gear that needs great accuracy, measurement and speed.


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