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Dual Blinds: Don't Have Them Yet? Don't Make a Dual Mistake - Read This Instead

Dual blinds are a window treatment that allows you to combine the functionality of two different fabrics in one system, offering you the option to adjust both daylight levels and nighttime privacy. Also called double roller blinds, these window coverings offer the great advantage of doing two jobs for the price of one!

Typically dual blinds come with one blind in a fabric that is light filtering or translucent, hung together with another blind in a blockout fabric that ensures no light comes inside the room. They are the ultimate choice of window treatment for bringing privacy and extra insulation to your home.

Due to is practically as well as good look, dual blinds are becoming very popular and can be seeing now in many homes and offices. Take a look at the benefits that those who have opted for dual blinds are enjoying in their places.f:id:reviewsandtips:20170720194943j:plain

Great Look

If you are in the hunting for a simple but attractive window covering, dual blinds  are the right option for you. These blinds can be made from a variety of materials and fabrics, in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns, so you can select the best one to match your home décor.


One of the greatest things about these blinds is that they can be used just about anywhere. This is thanks to the variety of choices that dual blinds are available. If you need a blind to protect you from harmful UV ray of sun, there are UV protection blinds that screen out the sun rays while still allowing you to see outside. If you need complete darkness, there are blinds that can completely block the sun rays and provide you with the darkness you need. But if what you want is something in between the two, there are blinds made from standard fabric to meet this requirement too.

Easy to Use

Dual blinds are so easy to use that they can be operated by even a child. They can be worked by a chain, be spring helped, or be completely mechanized. And when you choose a chain drive or mechanized dual blind, you can connect a number of blinds together and open all of them at once.


Because dual blinds offer two types of blinds in one, this makes them a very economical window covering solution. Plus, when compared to other types of blinds, such as shutters or Venetians, dual blinds are often a more affordable solution. And, if in the future you get tired with the colour of your dual blind, you have the option to change only the fabric and completely change the look of the room.


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