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A Few Ways You Can Improve the Look of Your Bike Without Breaking the Bank

To customize every part of your bike is to add your own personality to its chassis, but this is usually a very costly operation since a custom bike is much more expensive than stock bikes. However, there are a lot of subtle changes that you can make that will change the overall aesthetic of your bike without breaking the bank. Changes like an unusual coat of paint or vinyls are an obvious first choice, they are also the most bold when it comes down to visual customization, and since the work entails taking off every bit of fiberglass off the bike and repainting it still might end up being costly. So instead of doing the whole bike you could have once specific pattern or symbol added to express yourself through your bike in a subtle way.



Aside from paint and vinyl you can also get some matching handles and breaks that are as outlandish as you want, since most people won't notice them unless they specifically look for them. You can also get novelty bolts and foot pegs which can be combined to deliver a really personalized look. And all of these parts also serve a practical purpose, weather its to enhance your grip or add extra functionality. For example, when you go to buy motorcycle mirrors online or in any shop make sure they have integrated blinkers, this will simply add an extra set of blinkers to your bike which will also make them more visible to everybody else on the road.


Lighting plays an important role on the road, one of the simplest ways is to change the color of your front light, but you can also buy motorcycle mirrors online that have lighting while also adding to your bike's silhouette. And remember chrome doesn't work well with absolutely every color so make sure the ones you're getting suit the aesthetic you're going for. Otherwise you could install lights in the bike's wheels (like in tron), that's one great way to light up the road. Another is to install HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs to your bike, they have a very intense bright light and stands as an improvement in road visibility for riders.


Before you go and modify your bike in any way, you should talk with your insurance company. Since some modifications can make your insurance null and void, so make sure to research the laws of your region. Also consult your mechanic before deciding on any modification since they might not be compatible with your motorcycle.

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