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4X4 Snorkels: Higher Air Intake - Better Performance

Driving in tough conditions with your 4WD (whether through the bush or a deep water river crossing in the outback) may require installing a snorkel in your vehicle to enhance its performance and durability in different weather conditions.

How 4X4 snorkels can help your vehicle?

These 4WD accessories aid in helping prevent water, dust & snow affect engine performance - something that usually happens when adventuring on off-road trips or around the country. This makes deep water crossings possible and dusty terrain not a problem for your 4WD, giving you the freedom to drive basically in most conditions under the sun.

These aftermarket parts are designed to elevate the level of the air intake to lower the chances of water entering in the engine when crossing water. A higher air intake also lowers the amount of dust entering the system. They allow cooler air to enter in the engine, which is rammed into the engine using your vehicles forward motion instead of the engine sucking air.

Two main types of 4X4 snorkels are available on the market: Ram Snorkel and Vortex Snorkel. The head of both models provide similar results but in different ways.



Ram Snorkel

When the vehicle is stationary, air is sucked into the engine through the snorkel and cleaned trough the filters. Once the vehicle starts to move forward, the air is rammed down trough the 'scoop' of the snorkel forcing the heavier moisture and dust against the back of the snorkel head which are then vented trough the drain holes at the bottom of the snorkel head.

Vortex Snorkel

Whether the vehicle is stationary or in motion, air is sucked trough blades found at the bottom of the snorkel head. The blades lead the air to rotate around the snorkel heal. Dirty particles are set aside by centrifugal force and collected in the bottom of the bowl. The clean air is them directed into the snorkel and down into the engine.

Installing a snorkel onto your 4W will make it much more capable for off-road adventures. When compared to other modifications to increase a vehicle performance, 4X4 snorkels are relatively inexpensive. Whether your vehicle has a petrol or diesel engine, it will benefit from snorkels.

The best way to ensure a perfect snorkel fit is to purchase one that is designed specifically for your vehicle. Customized snorkels are also available, but they are usually an involved and costly process. Low-quality snorkels may look the same as high quality ones, but sub-par materials mean less resistance to the elements and small impacts. High-quality snorkels are manufactured with tougher, thicker material to withstand the rigors of off-roading. Keep this in mind when buying a snorkel for your vehicle.


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