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Leatherman - The Synonym for Reliable Multitools


A multitool is an amazing thing to carry in the pocket; it offers a number of simple and effective solutions to a variety of everyday problems. Most of them come with a number of functions and some can even be adapted to be used in unusual ways, if you've got a bit of imagination. While a multitool may not be the best thing to use for complex work, they can surely handle the more common small jobs, such as tightening or loosening a screw, opening a bottle, measuring something, scoring marks on a surface, prying or cutting something, and more.

 When it comes to the best multitools, Leatherman is a brand to keep in mind. This brand takes pride in its quality and durability and is considered the synonymous of reliable multitools. If you considering investing in a Leatherman multitool, here are some suggestions for you to consider.


Leatherman Wave Multitool

This is one of the best multitools you can own as it is always ready to help you get any job done around the house or outdoor task while hiking, camping or hunting. The Leatherman Wave Multitool is made of ultra durable materials and features a beautiful silver-tone shine that makes it not only beautiful but durable as well. It comes with everything you may need to get the job done and each of the tools is able to lock into place. This allows you to make great use of the tools, and best of all, in a safer manner every time. This tool includes plain and serrated knives, needle nose and regular pliers, ruler, spring-action scissors, bottle and can openers, ruler, regular and hard wire cutters, wood and metal file, saw, large and small bit drivers, medium screwdriver and a diamond-coated file.


Leatherman Skeletool

A multitool specially designed to help you fix things around the house, enjoy outdoor activities or complete a quick task with easy. The Leatherman Skeletool offers all the tools necessary to accomplish small jobs and eliminate a lot of the useless tools that some other multitool products often come with. Being ultra lightweight and slender, this multitool can be easily carried around in the pocket or bag. This tool includes a needle nose and regular pliers set, bottle opener and combination carabiner, combo knife, hard and regular wire cutters and a larger bit driver. Additional parts can be stored in the handle depending on your needs.


The Leatherman Wingman

This is an impressive multitool that offers 14 different tools for you to take advantage of. These tools include a 1.5-inch ruler, spring-action needle nose pliers, wire stripper, bottle opener, can opener, spring-action regular pliers, 42OHC combo knife, spring-action scissors, spring-action wire cutters, medium screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, small screwdriver, a wood and metal file and a package opener. With this tool, the knife blade locks into place when you want to use it, ensuring safer use for application and improved comfort as well.

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