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Essential Info on Bullbars and Who Needs Them the Most


All of Australia has hard to traverse roads, this is especailly true for both the rural areas and the outback where not only the roads are dangerous but also the wildlife can pose a threat to both you and your vehicle.

 This is why the Australian automotive market is booming with tall pickup trucks like the mitsubishi triton, the toyota hilux and many more pickup trucks that have large wheels which give plenty of room between the road and the frame. These trucks are also made to carry heavy equipment through any terrain that they may come across with their 4x4 drive. But while driving through rough dirt roads without external protection can be done it is recommended to install some protection to your vehicle.


And for these examples we will use the mitsubishi triton pickup truck. First the mq triton bullbar which is an external piece of kit that wraps around the front of the truck and the bottom of the side skirts. These are meant to protect your car from bumps, brush and the in the worst case scenario a large animal. But since most bullbars are made by the Australian standard as stated in bill CI-112C guidelines making the mq triton bullbar completely safe and legal.


Another external protector that could help is weathershields, they are installed it on the sides of the windows and a bonnet protector to protect your vehicle from fine sands and harsh weather and small stones. The bonnet protector specifically is made to protect the engine from the fine sand and other things that can damage or jam your engine while its running. And with these external parts your vehicle can be protected from all manners of small and large dangers that may arise while driving through rough terrain.


And lastly something internal, which is considerably harder to install but still worth the protection it offers. A simple compact radio for the worst case scenario emergencies that don't happen often but one should be prepared if they do. Whit the 2way radio you can call in for emergency support at the appropriate frequencies to inform the athorities of an accident or some sort of wrong doing that you may come across on your path through the rural areas or outback. With all of this equipment you can protect your vehicle, your own life and the lives of others by being prepared with the right kit for any situation that might arise.

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