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All Important Info on Fire Rated Cables


Public building estates use a lot of precautions when it comes to peoples safety. They use security arrangements such as a secure perimeter, trained security personal, CCTV, fire alarms and maybe one of the most useful life savers of all, fire rated cable. But, what is fire rated cable you might ask ? It is a cable with which the most useful electrical machines are connected, so in the case of a fire spread, the machines can continue to function. One good example are elevators, that can be used for an easier escape method and can save countless lives.


But how do these cables work ?

  • Can this type of cable resist high temperatures? - Actually no, has the same melting point as any other cable.
  • Will the cable not get damages by the fire? - No, a fire rated cable will still need to be replaced after a fire spread.

How It Actually Works

The way fire rated cable is designed, is to continue working even when it is exposed to direct flame. This is accomplished by wrapping each of the conductors in Mica tape. After the insulation layer and cable sheath have melted off the Mica tape will remain, keeping the conductors safe, and allowing electrical flow. It also prevents the conductors from shorting between each-other and the earth. The estimated average runtime of the fire rated cable while exposed to direct flame is around 2 hours.

Why is This Important

Well not all cables are important, for example your microwave or television cable can be easily replaced. However, if you are in a big public building, there is essential life-saving equipment that needs to keep running during the unfortunate fire. With fire rated cables integrated into the building, devices such as elevators, escalators, sirens, secure doors, waning lights and emergency lights can keep working for several hours. This will insure the security and well-being of a lot of people.

A good example of how fire rated cables can save lives is the recent Dubai Torch Tower fire. There were no reports of death's or injuries because the elevators of the tower continued working even after it was caught ablaze. It allowed all residence even from the highest floors to evacuate safely and quickly. And even after the fire was extinguished there was said to have been some electrical devices still functioning.

Fire rated cable is a great defence mechanism for any highly crowded, electrically wired estate. Because it can actually, drastically change the outcome and save people from injuries and even death.

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