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The Nature of Freediving and What Equipment You Need

Freediving is a fun and unique sport that is all about learning how to hold your breath at longer time intervals to be able to explore the underwater world longer and enjoy a unique diving experience. Learning how to hold a single breath of air while swimming underwater is not as complicated as it sounds, in fact, with a little practice you can quickly master the technique. This can be achieved with enhanced mental balance and physical awareness and control. The calming effect of the enchanting blue waters and vivid marine life can easily give you that mental balance and the rest is all about practicing and developing your skills to achieve total control when diving. At first, you can practice how to feedive and hold your breath without any special equipment, but for diving at different depths in the ocean and staying underwater longer you would need freediving gear.


 There are a few must-have pieces of equipment that are designed to make your underwater adventures much comfortable and of course safe which is all the more important. The truth is that safety comes first when practicing any kind of sport and it's important to mention that you should never freedive alone. You can explore the ocean with your friends or family, but the ideal thing would be to dive with an experienced freediver, especially at the beginning. Let's take a look at all the things you would need to get started.


When on the hunt for the best pieces of freediving equipment Australia shops have to offer you'll come across various types of snorkels. Freediving snorkels differ from standard scuba ones in terms of both size and design. While those for scuba diving tend to have more parts and are considerably larger, the snorkels used by freedivers have a simple design and are smaller and lighter. It's important to choose one that is flexible, fits your mouth and is comfortable to wear.


The mask should suit the shape of your face and have a tight fit so no water gets inside. For freediving you would need a mask that has a low volume, which basically means that less air is needed to equalize the mask allowing you to dive deeper or stay underwater longer.


Freediving equipment Australia retailers offer different types of wetsuits that differ in both design and insulation capacity. The ones designed for freediving are usually made from neoprene, consist of two pieces and have no zippers. The most important thing when choosing yours is to make sure it fits properly, offers flexibility and enhanced movement and is comfortable to wear.



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