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Common Printer Ink Cartridge Buying Mistakes to Avoid

As a photographer, it's very important to me that I get quality photos when printing my shots. I seek so much quality because I want those who view my photos to see what I saw in the exact moment. If you use low-quality printing equipment the beauty is lost, and no photographer wants that. The first thing you need is, obviously, the right printer. But, printers are easy to find and it's easy to determine which one is better. The thing that most photographers have problems with and what usually ruins the beauty of their photos, is printer ink. I've made a lot of mistakes when buying printer ink. Trying different kinds and brands, from buying cheap ink to premium. To help amateurs avoid the same mistakes I've made, I've written this guide. Consider a few of these things when buying printer ink in order to avoid the troubles I went trough.


The first thing you need to check out is what kind of printer you have. Don't go shopping for ink if you don't know the make and model of the printer. All printer ink online Australia retailers recommend that you do this. Laser printers require toner and inkjet ones require ink cartridges. Read the manual of your printer in order to find out what kind of ink you might need. This way you will get the quality you deserve, without having to spend money on trying different types of ink cartridges.

 As a photographer, it's better to use inkjet printers. Laser printers don't offer the same vibrant colours as ink would. But there are three types of ink cartridges and ink you need to choose from. The cartridges that are always compatible with your printer and have the most quality are those made by the manufacturer. Then there are the cartridges that are manufactured by a third party, these are less expensive, but you can't be sure about the compatibility and quality. Lastly, we have the cartridges that have the most questionable quality, refurbished ink cartridges. These are made by manufacturers using recycled and eco-friendly products.


To sum it all up you need to pay attention to the guidelines set by the manufacturer, checking the serial number and the right type of ink that you need. As a photographer, you are better off using the printer ink made by the manufacturer of the printer. This will ensure that you get photos with the highest quality.

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