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Understanding the Principles of a Dual Battery System

A dual battery system is a type of equipment used to run powerful accessories, such as a fridge or inverter when the engine is turned off. For example, let's consider a 12W compressive fridge in the back of a car; while the vehicle is running its alternator will produce enough power to charge the car's battery and also to provide power to run the fridge. But what happens when the car is turned off? The fridge will continue to run from the car battery. If left running for a long period of time, the car battery will run flat and may not be able to restart the car.



By installing a dual battery and an electronic isolator, accessories will be charged independent of the starting battery but charged when the engine is running. This ensures enough power in the starting battery to start the vehicle. Let's take a look how battery isolators dual battery systems work.

We are going to use the same example above but now fitted with a project dual battery isolator and an auxiliary battery, with the main starting battery nearly full and the auxiliary battery full. When the car starts, the alternator will begin charging the starting battery.

The insulator prioritizes charging to the starting battery before it starts to charge the auxiliary battery. Once the starting battery is full, the isolator will then allow power to flow to the auxiliary battery. In terms of the fridge, while the engine is running, the alternator can produce enough power to keep everything running and maintain the batteries fully charged. With the engine no longer running , the fridge can continue to run to keep your food and drink cool without using any power from your starting battery.

But having a battery isolators dual batteries system installed in your vehicle is not just about running your accessories. This system can also be used to jump-start the car. For example, if the main starting battery is flat and the auxiliary battery is charged, by pressing the 'override' button on the isolator, it will manually connect the two batteries together, in a jump start connection. The two batteries will equalize in charge allowing the engine to start. The engine will then recharge the main battery. The isolator will automatically detect the engine running and will return back into automatic mode.


Connecting a Battery Isolators Dual Batteries System

Connecting this system is relatively simple, but before you try completing the task yourself, you should assemble the required materials – a few tools are necessary to ensure a safe and secure installation of a battery isolator. Planning ahead will ensure that the project runs smoothly. Your mechanic should be able to help you. If you prefer, you can also buy the equipment necessary to complete a multi-battery setup.

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