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How to Design Your Kitchen in an Authentic French Style

As someone who has a great love for everything French, I can proudly say that I recently redecorated my kitchen and turned it into the French style oasis I have always wanted it to be. But how does French style look like, you're wondering? Well, it has lots of whitewashed pieces, many candles and lanterns, linen towels, silver trays, some antique-looking items, and cute white lace. Today, this look is also known as French Provincial or Shabby Chic. In today's article, we'll explore some of the authentic basics of a French-style inspired kitchen. 


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How to Choose the Ideal Cruising & Carving Longboard


Obviously, not every skateboarder feels like performing dangerous and impressive stunts. Some of them get the kick of riding around as fast as possible, for as long as possible without stopping or touching any surface. This style of skateboarding is called cruising and is to use your board as a transportation device to get to school, work or another point in town, or simply as a way to relax.

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Sleeping in a Tent: The Gear Needed for a Good Night's Sleep


Do you feel extremely tired at work but at the end of the day still have trouble falling asleep? Maybe you need to take a deserved break and get away from all that daily stress. And what better way to distance yourself from the noisy city environment and recharge your batteries than go camping? Just picture it. Only you and the vast, soothing Nature. So serene, and so quiet – the ideal setting for a good night's sleep. However, like most people, you'll probably find it hard to get used to sleeping out in the open. No worries though. With the following equipment, you'll feel like you're staying at a 5-star hotel

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Lovely Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Tables


When it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams, every detail matters! From the food served to the bouquet and yes, the table décor – everything needs to be perfect as it will be remembered forever in photos and guests' memories. When it comes to decorating your wedding tables, a good tip is to approach the task as though you're decorating a room. In other words, make sure to include a variety of fabrics, textures, greenery, and light sources and add a personal finishing touch. If you're in need of some inspiration, here are some lovely ideas.

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Essential Motorcycle Parts: A Guide to Crash Protection

No matter how powerful it may look, in reality, a motorcycle is a very fragile machine. Unlike cars, most motorcycles have all their vital components out in the open. With that being said, a bike can easily get damaged whether by a traffic accident (knock on wood) or something as simple as the bike falling off its side stand. So, if you want to avoid totalling your ride and paying thousands of dollars on repairs, it's really important to invest in some great crash protection.

But let's be clear, the role of crash protection parts isn't to make your bike 100% damage-resistant. They are just there to protect its most valuable and vulnerable components. Or in other words, this means keeping the engine, frame and gas tank intact. With that being said, here's what to consider when you buy motorcycle parts for protection.


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The Most Popular Wedding Centrepieces Styles


Wedding receptions are always a magical event that celebrates the love between two people. However, in order to look magical, apart from the chemistry of bride and the groom that fills up the room, a lot of patience, attention to details and hard work need to be invested in decorating the place. The central part of the decor is the wedding centrepieces which are essential to jazz up the reception hall. Some stand out, others add uniqueness and the "wow factor" to the place. There are different centrepieces vessels that are used to create such a magical atmosphere, and also, there are different styles in which a wedding reception hall can be arranged. Here is a look at the ins and outs of the wedding centrepiecesRead more

3D Scanners and the Benefits of 3D Scanning Technology


Who can take advantage of 3D scanning technology? The answer is anyone in design, surveying, testing, development, engineering and manufacturing. 3D scanning can be applied at any point in the manufacturing process thus saving material, money and time. This technology results in better fitting parts and higher quality what makes scanners 3D technology worth the investment. A 3D scanner is a device that analyses a certain object or environment from the real world to collect data on its appearance and shape. The collected information later can be used to be designed digital 3D models. Today scanners 3D are much easier and faster than traditional ones and they enable automated, accurate and fast 3D scanning. Read more
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